Video mapping

Live the full immersion

Add a wide improvement to the show with this stunning animated backdrop, adding a complete immersion in a virtual world made of futuristic interfaces, plasma sparkles, neuronal networks, leading to a very dynamic hyperspace travel, and black hole finale. We supply the backdrop video file, resized to fit your screen, then you play it, and we just synchronize our show to the video. The finale can be a 3D animated video logo reveal, from a laser redirected by the artist.





Immersion, video mapping, futuristic backdrop



Pushes the immersion far beyond.
End with a stunning 3D animated logo reveal at the end.
Adds an unforgettable impact.


Technical facts

Suitable for front or back projection, and great with Led Screens.
We can resize the video to fit your screen.
You play the video. We synchronize the show to the video via SMPTE or Midi.


Logo reveal in video


As a finale of the act with immersion, your brand or product logo can be revealed in a very unique way, from the artists hands, throwing the laser to the backdrop.
We can guarantee the highest impact with this very new finale.
The animation created to reveal the logo is created by Anthony, our top level animation designer.

Dance interaction


In collaboration with famous choreographers Celine & Cain Kitsais, we can propose you a unique way to extend the Video immersion with a high level dance act in interaction with the video backdrop, or as a unique introduction to the Laserman act itself.



The highest impact finale for the Laserman act. Laser beams are launched by the performer above spectators, to become logos, texts, 3D objects in a very positive and energizing mood. Can be performed also without the video backdrop.

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  • Theo Dari is the techno-juggler of light, the pioneer, and more than ever the great master of laser manipulation.
    Arturo Brachetti

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