Logo reveal

Reveal your brand

Your company logo, text, message, name, face, drawing or 3D object appears at the end of the act from the artist’s hands. In green or multi-color. You just supply high definition photos or vectorial drawings of the logos, and we transform them into a laser animation.





Personalization, reveal, branding, product presentation



Bring a strong message to your guests.
Links the impact of the act to your brand.
Makes your event unforgettable.


Technical facts

Duration between 5” and 30” at the end of Laserman Ultimate act
Minimum height 6 m (18 ft)
Please consult us to check stage configuration


Laser Logo reveal in 3D


Your logo or text can appear as a spinning holographic 3D object, enforcing the immersion into virtuality.
Hidden faces and perspectives are managed using a very advanced 3D rendering software.

Dance interaction


In collaboration with famous choreographers Celine Rotsen & Cain Kitsais, we can propose you a unique way to extend the Laserman act with a great introduction or finale.
Dancers can also perform a supplemental dance/video mapping act, giving another extension of the Laserman act.



The highest impact finale for the Laserman act. Laser beams are launched by the performer above spectators, to become logos, texts, 3D objects in a very positive and energizing mood.
Can be performed also with in immersion with our new  video mapping.

  • Theo Dari is the techno-juggler of light, the pioneer, and more than ever the great master of laser manipulation.
    Arturo Brachetti

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