Inside the light

Atmos is the most immersive experience of Laserman acts, where audience is surrounded by laser shapes manipulated by the artist. The first version of this act was developed by Theo Dari for our long-term stay in the famous Disneyland California Adventure Park©. With the simplest setup on stage, this lightweight version proposes a strong visual impact and maximum space occupation.




Laser ceiling, Laser tunnel, Atmospheric Laserman, immersion, wide space occupation



Highly visual impact.
Very immersive version.
Simple setup on stage.
May also be the conclusion of the Ultimate Laserman act.
Feasible in Green or full-color.


Technical facts

Duration 5 min
Minimum height 2,4 m (8 ft)
Minimum stage area 3 m x 3 m (9 ft x 9 ft)
Stereo line input backstage
Fog machines allowed on stage

  • It is beautifully written , majestic, immense. It is perfect… It is simply perfect !
    Gilbert Rozon - CEO Just for Laughs

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