Laser dancers

The Interactive Laser Dancer

Using the ILDA* Awarded LAARIS™* technology, Warp is a series of creative dance acts, where laser shapes are manipulated by the dancer(s), with a cutting-edge interaction.
*ILDA = International Laser Display Association
*LAARIS = Laser Atmospheric Augmented Reality Interactive System




Dance, Interactive Laserman, Laser Dancer, LAARIS™, Warp™



Dynamic and energizing impact.
Wide space occupation.
Unique technology.
Open concept, customizable to unlimited musical and dance styles on demand.


Technical facts

Duration between 3 and 6 min
Minimum height 5 m (15 ft)
Minimum stage area 6 m x 6 m (18 ft x 18 ft)
Best on wide stages (stage width & depth ≥ 140% from height)
Dark non-reflecting stage ground, or installation of a black carpet
Stereo line input backstage
Fog machines allowed
Daylight hidden in the venue

  • Theo Dari is the techno-juggler of light, the pioneer, and more than ever the great master of laser manipulation.
    Arturo Brachetti

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