Laserman Legacy

Discover the ultimate experience

The brand new evolution of the worldwide renown “3D Laserman” original act, by Theo Dari.
Gathering the best effects from years of Laserman performance.
Already confirmed by audiences, as simply, the best laser manipulation act in the world.




Futuristic, Innovation, Digital, Technology, Immersion



Energizing impact
Venue-wide space occupation
Available in green or Full-color
Perfect for all types of stages, even 360° surrounded


Technical facts

Duration 6min
Minimum height 3,5 m (12 ft)
Minimum stage area 2 m x 2 m (6 ft x 6 ft)
Stereo line input backstage
Fog machines allowed on stage
Blackout in the venue


Logo Reveal


Your company logo, text, message, name, face, drawing or 3D object appears at the end of the act from the artist’s hands.
In green or multi-color.
You just supply high definition photos or vectorial drawings of the logos, and we transform them into a laser animation.

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Video immersion

Mapping video Laserman

Add a wide improvement to the show with this stunning animated backdrop, adding a complete immersion in a virtual world made of futuristic interfaces, plasma sparkles, neuronal networks, leading to a very dynamic hyperspace travel, and black hole finale.
We supply the backdrop video file, resized to fit your screen or Led screen, then you play it, and we just synchronize our show to the video.
The finale can be an animated logo reveal from the laser in the hands of the artist.

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A very original logo reveal finale where laser beams are thrown above the audience and bounce to become texts, logos, drawings, on the walls, or on screens.
Can be done in green or Multi-color.
Launch is always customized according to the number and type of logos.

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Laserman Storm


A true Storm of laser launched by the artist and spinning above the audience in every direction.
An extension of Launch, with a bigger laser installation and a few more effects.

Ultimate Laserman_show laser sur mesure

Multi-performer's sync

In exclusivity, we can propose you up to 4 artists performing in total sync, all over your venue, even in different rooms, with a single sound. Suitable for large scale events or split audiences.

Show Laser Theo Dari_BaBayega

Theme customization

We can propose you the act with the colors of your brand and have the artist dressed according to your special theme. e.g. Star Wars theme, Honda racer, etc…

  • It is beautifully written , majestic, immense. It is perfect… It is simply perfect !
    Gilbert Rozon - CEO Just for Laughs

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