Laser heroes

The futuristic struggle

Cross time and space to live a pure moment of Science Fiction into the 4th dimension. The Laser Fighters break gravity rules to preserve a new source of energy, as the Graal. Live real high level tricks and stunts, with mesmerising laser manipulations. A mind-blowing act, light-years beyond your expectations !





High energy, stunts, sport, combat, acrobatics, science-fiction



Live the positive tension moment of your event, with this unique real-life science-fiction act.


Technical facts

Duration 5 min
Minimum height 5 m (15 ft)
Rigging on top center for our Laser 16 kg (35 lbs)
Minimum stage area 6 m x 6 m (18 ft x 18 ft)
Stereo line input backstage
Fog machines allowed on stage
Blackout in the venue


Logo reveal

At the end of the act, your logo or message is revealed by the Laser Fighters on the ground or on the backdrop. A strong conclusion for this Laser battle.

Video Mapping

Bring the full immersion to your audience with this strong visual extension. At the end, your company logo may appear in 3D animation on the backdrop.

  • Theo Dari is the techno-juggler of light, the pioneer, and more than ever the great master of laser manipulation.
    Arturo Brachetti

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