Artistic Engineering Studio

A unique expertise

Training our artists for years gave us an incomparable experience of teaching the complex techniques of Laser manipulation. Theo Dari, who invented these techniques, is the most advanced expert for this.

After creating dozens of personalized show and seeing many artists and productions trying to build their own version, we decided to share this expertise. So, we created the “Artistic Engineering Studio”, because innovation in Laser manipulation requires an original creation, a precise training – including safety considerations – and a specific equipment that we can deliver.

Also, creating a Laser manipulation act is much more than the addition of a laser programmer and a show director. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that all Laser manipulation productions made by Theo Dari are far beyond all others, in terms of impact, in respect with the original philosophy of Laser manipulation.

According to your project, your style, the type of performance, the stage setup, etc, we can propose you the state-of-the-art of show creation, from Laserman-like acts, to Laser combats, like the Laser fighters, or special effects such as Laser alarms, interactive laser applications, musical instruments and games like the award-winning “Laserpong”, or big illusions with lasers…

Performers can be dancers, magicians, stunt artists, mimes, but also non-artists like kids, CEOs, employees, award nominees, etc…

Laser man Storm

Let's create the highlight of your show !

First, we listen to your project and define together the right solution, the artistic choices, the musical direction.
Then, we write the synopsis and validate it together. At this time, the initial laser programming can start.

When initial programming is done, it is time to meet you on your site, and install the equipment. Generally, we train in the same time your technician(s) to installation and operation, and teach the important safety facts and usages, as we are Level 3 qualified Laser Safety Officers.

Finally, comes the performer’s training, made of two different parts : first, training to generic laser beam manipulation techniques, then the initial training for the act itself.
Training for the show can be relayed by show choreographers if needed, to enforce a specific gesture, dance moves, specific tricks, etc…

The initial trainings can also be held in our Studio near Paris (150 m2 / 1600 sq ft), including a training and rehearsing space, a 50 m2 stage (540 sq ft) , with lights and sound, and a research and manufacture laboratory.


The performer’s training starts early in the project, first with beam manipulation training during 2/4 days. The goal is to get the basic moves, in respect with safety.
Then, the performer starts learning sequences and, at the end, can improvise a complex sequence.
Then, comes the tuning and training for the newly created act. Adjustments are made on site with the performers, depending on their skills, style, preferences, etc…

Finally, the last adjustments are made using video visualizations with the show director, choreographer and producer.


Dedicated technology and process

  • 4 Laser projectors including 2 RGB high-power
  • multi-controller Laser creation station
  • internally developed software for laser frames generation
  • unique motion capture system Dedicated to laser programming
  • “Pyramid” laser hanging system ( compatible with Laser combat acts, ilBALL, Warp, etc…)
  • 3 Laserman platforms, and miscellaneous rigging systems
  • Professional audio and video editing softwares (Sound Forge, Vegas Pro, Ableton Live, etc…)
  • Visual Studio software development platform
  • graphic design tools, 3D CAD and mechanical simulation software
  • Milling station, 3D printer, SMT through-hole technologies electronics assembly.
  • onboard programming softwares for Pic, PicBasic and Arduino micro-controllers

Sound design process

Laser manipulation requires an important sound design, as a major part of the process, for two main reasons :
First, because rhythm is the key for the illusion – in other words, the weight sensation of the laser depends highly on the timing – but also, because added sound effects increase considerably the illusion of seeing light as a solid, which is a central concept here.

We propose you a very efficient soundtrack creation process  : during the show tuning, we add sound effects in a local soundtrack, to add weight and an electric feeling to the actions with lasers.

If your project is originally sound-designed by a composer on your side, then the soundtrack we create is given in separate tracks and with a training video, for the composer to integrate our work to his composition. This process gives you freedom for further edits.

However, if you want to have commercial soundtracks, we can find the music for you, make our own edit, or work with your existing edit. We always add sound effects on the interaction with lasers and mix them with the soundtrack in best quality.

  • I booked Theo Dari to create a specific Laser Manipulation act for my last Italian tour : the result on stage has a very strong impact on all audiences !
    Arturo Brachetti

Case studies

Courtesy Cory Simpson

“Laserman 2.0” Act on “Tron Legacy” movie theme, for ElecTRONica nighttime parties in Disney California Adventure Park – USA

After the success of the original Laserman act performed by our team in the original Walt Disney’s Californian attraction park, we were proposed to go further and create a unique and extended act, on the movie soundtrack by Daft Punk, in its remixed version by famous DJs “TRON Legacy R3CONF1GUR3D”. We were given the help of famous laser programmer “Cory Simpson”, for his particular expertise in multi-color laser programming. The result was the highlight of ElecTRONica parties, and gave millions of views on Internet.

“Che Sorpresa!” 2015 Tour Laser act, about human emotions, good and evil, performed by Arturo Brachetti and Kevin Moore – Italy

The idea was to oppose two characters representing the good and the evil, in a quest for a strange alive beam of white light, using the symbols of each color in a mood. At the end, Arturo levitates into a vertical tunnel of laser. The soundtrack is an original acoustic piece, specially composed for the act which uses three RGB laser projectors.


Laser Finale and Laser Diabolo effect for “Alienation”, main show of Gardaland Attraction Park – Italy

This original Park wanted to create a very dynamic and happy finale with all the performers from the show. The theme was a positive encounter between humans and aliens. The first part of the creation was to invent a powerful effect with lasers for Diabolo performer Alex Durand. Then, we created a laser manipulation act, where the beams were launched above the audience and create an original immersive experience – the storm effect – using a RGB laser projector and two green mid-power laser projectors.  This creation is considered as one of the strong moments of the show.

Combat with lasers for “The Fantastix” – Entourage Group – Canada

This unique futuristic production based on ultimate magical and sensorial experiences, gathered the best illusions in a stunning visual show. Two of these characters, after a series of discrepancies, enter in an impressive visual struggle using powers made of a strange solid light, held, then launched in a spectacular combat, determining the destiny of the characters in this one of a kind production.


Laser Alarm special effect for comedy “Tous des Malades” by Jean-Jacques Thibault – France

This fresh comedy features whacky characters stuck in a pharmacy, leading to many weird situations. One of them is the involuntary triggering a laser alarm, like in a spy movie.

The system created includes laser diodes, heatsinks, and three DMX controllers to be synchronized precisely with the comedians.

Comedy Laser manipulation act performed by Alex Goude for Twisted Entertainment – Westgate Resort – Las Vegas – USA

This very original act is the first “comedy Laser act”, born from the imagination of french comedian and TV Star Alex Goude. The idea is to break the codes of variety acts with unexpected gags, while offering a great visual experience. This act is the finale of the show “Twisted Vegas” starting in february 2016 in the famous Westgate Resort in Las Vegas.


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