Warp, the first interactive Laserman act

Warp, the first interactive Laserman act
10 March 2015 Theo Dari
Theo Dari
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Using the LAARIS* technology, in collaboration with Celine & Cain Kitsais, Warp is the first of its kind Interactive Laser Manipulation act.


This version was created to experience weight and real physics simulation of the laser objects created.
It was also the first creation where fusion between dance and laser is thought in terms of methodology.

The main question was :

Is it best to think “dance and movement” first, then program the laser around ?
Or “interaction with laser” first, then create the choreography accordingly ?

The answer is not so simple, but we experienced the different work method,
and come with a unique “hybrid methodology”…

*LAARIS : Laser Atmospheric Augmented Reality Interactive System