Laserman Electric Party 2020 – Special version “clubbing”

Laserman Electric Party 2020 – Special version “clubbing”
4 March 2020 Antoine Dupré
Antoine Dupré
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Laserman Electric Party 2020

A new version of the show “Laserman” for your party’s !

We are very proud of this new version which is already attracting a large audience.


This homecoming is obvious: nightclub world and its incredible party’s are the best playground for Laserman.

Boost the atmosphere and make the stage on fire like never before!

With our experience with DJ Tiësto and artist Maluma, our show knows how to make crowds impact.

Did you think you saw everything in your club? Wait until you see Laserman Electric Party!

Customizable according to the theme of your evening and the size of your club.

Duration / Sound universe / featuring Dj / multi lasers

If the place is enough height, we will end in the air … the final levitation inside a universe of lasers will definitely mark the minds of your customers.