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Théo DARI According to a text by Patrick Awouters – Laser System Europe

Theo first discovered the art of magic and illusions when he came to Paris in ’92 looking for a job. He was a computer engineer who loved electronics and science fiction… He began to play with the art of classic magic but was not satisfied - he wanted to experiment with something truly different.

In 97’ whilst thinking about science fiction acts, he started to imagine creating magic effects with light.

From there Theo began dreaming and experimenting. He played with ideas of bending light, cutting and then restoring it. He brainstormed for several months with other French magicians. Then came the inspiration: using lasers, he would be able to ‘hold’ the light in his hands. After several months of research he created a new prototype using laser pointers; all the effects he had been dreaming of became possible. After building and experimenting with different versions of the laser pointer at varying power levels he was ready. He had created the first Laserman magical act. It was the first time that laser was the central feature of manipulation in a show.

Peer recognation

Théo DARIHe became a full time Laserman professional in 2000, concentrating solely on his show. Word spread and he began performing the act across Europe.

In 2002, Theo began working with a producer for a new concept – Laserman 3D. Incorporating a laser projector head and software he was able to create new effects that pushed the concept of his show into the world of 3D.

In 2003, the Laserman act received the Silver Wand Award at the Monte-Carlo Magic Stars and a highly coveted First Place ILDA Award for Special Applications at the ILDA (International Laser Display Association) conference in Brussels.

In 2004, he trained three substitute performers, in response to the high demand for his show. He was also becoming well-known within the corporate market, where he was seen as a symbol of the future for progress and creativity. 

In 2005, Theo Dari created the company ‘LASERMEN’, to produce and train his “replicants” and continue to promote his act.

In 2010, Disney California Adventure Park asked Theo to join its last attraction created to promote the new movie Tron : legacy. The laserman show was such a huge success that they decided to extend his contract until September 2011.

Capitalizing on his growing popularity, LASERMEN is working on the creation of new shows for 2011.

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