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  • On tour with Arturo Brachetti

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    After years of success with a show combining quick-change and magic, visual arts and humor, a contemporary version of the cabaret tradition, Arturo Brachetti shows another face of his multiple talents. Three years of great success in Montreal, then in Paris.

  • Theo Dari @ France’s Got Talent

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    From Casting to the finale, Theo Dari’s performance at France’s Got Talent (“La France a un incroyable talent”), was said to be the visual highlight of season 7.   Three unique acts created for the competition For casting, Theo Dari performed an original creation based on “Launch effect” with flying laser beams all...

  • Laserman R3conf1gur3d @ Disney California Attraction Park

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    The main attraction of ElecTRONica night-time parties… During 20 months, Theo Dari and team were engaged to perform at the ElecTRONica night-time parties (on the theme of Tron Legacy movie) in famous Disney California Adventure Park. The show was the main attraction of the event and had a big...

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